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Pamukkale Cotton Castle, the White Spirng Health Center


The surreal, brilliant white travertine terraces and warm, limpid pools of Pamukkale hang, like the petrified cascade of a mighty waterfall, from the rim of a steep valley side in Turkey’s picturesque southwest. Truly spectacular in its own right, the geological phenomenon that is Pamukkale, literally "Cotton Castle" in Turkish, is also the site of the remarkably well-preserved ruins of the Greek-Roman city of Hierapolis. With such a unique combination of natural and man-made wonders it’s little wonder that Pamukkale-Hierapolis has been made a Unesco World Heritage site. With over two million visitors annually, it is also Turkey’s single most visited attraction.

Also famous for Cleopatras pool ,You can even bathe, as the Romans once did, in a picturesque pool filled with warm thermal spring water (around 36C )

Departure: 07:30
Return: 19:30
Includes: Door to door service, entrance fee, guide and open buffet lunch.